Student Clinic

STUDENT CLINIC:   An opportunity for the students to practice all they have learned..a place where they can interact with the public in a positive way.  Student clinic is open to the public.

Facts about student clinic:  1420 3rd St.  Old Southwest  Big  blue building

  • Times available are student driven. Students are typically working people who schedule their times for student clinic.
  • We are a spa and a school. That makes us very busy and the front desk and the students will do everything they can to provide you with a pleasant experience.
  • Please remember this is a school and a learning environment.
  • Please let your student practitioner know your preferences on pressure, sound, allergies, comfort and talking or peace and quiet.
  • Student abilities range from basic Swedish relaxation to deeper tissue work depending where they are at with our program.
  • Please remember they are students and not professional therapists yet.
  • Appointments are offered in two ways:
    • $30 special for a session that includes a 50 minute massage and time for feedback
    • Through Groupon….at a special rate..
  • Booking: Please call 540 759-8229 to schedule your appointment.
  • Appointment times vary according to student availability.
  • We require a 24 hr cancellation notice or your voucher or fee will be forfeited…(Some of our students drive a far distance for Student Clinic so we honor our Cancellation Policy).
  • Please enjoy your time with us…..thank you