Jade established her massage clientele in late 1982.  BodySense Day Spa and Clinic was created as a center for clients to relax, heal and rejuvenate through massage therapy and natural beauty products.  As demand grew in 1997, Jade started the Daniels Institute of Massage so others could learn and enjoy all the benefits of massage and holistic techniques.  Jade has a 30 year background in the healing arts. A Master of T’ai Ji and Yoga, fitness, seminar and workshop leader, therapist and educator, Jade has touched the lives of thousands of people. Jade graduated massage school in 1987 and worked with Roanoke City in 1994 to create the current massage laws. Jade has had the honor and pleasure of working with very special healers and teachers and enjoys passing the knowledge on to others.

BILL HUGHES, BS, MS, DC    Anatomy Instructor

Bill is highly educated and embodies health and fitness. He is a Physical Education teacher, a tennis coach, and Chiropractor.  His life revolves around fitness and health with massage being one of the methods he personally utilizes. With his positive attitude and a deep appreciation of how the body works Bill establishes a rapport with the students to pass on his knowledge, encouraging them to appreciate the body, and to prepare them to pass their National Exam.  This class has a lot of hands on palpation and assessment training.

CINDY HODGES, RN   Physiology and Pathology Instructor

Cindy has an impressive and successful background in nursing and management. She has a BS in Health Sciences and is a Golden Key Honor Society member.  She is continually improving her teaching skills to give students a new perspective on health and the body.  She is a wonderful teacher that truly cares about her students.

ROSEMARY MAXWELL, CMT, Massage Therapy Instructor

Rosemary is a gentle and caring therapist.  She specializes in the Bowen technique.  Rosemary is a caring instructor who has the best interests of her students at heart.  She has been practicing for 8 years and we are lucky to have her.